Whilst UST is the accountable body for all its schools, it advocates the concepts of ‘self-determination’ and ‘harmonisation’.

Self-determination means that School Committees and their school leaders are able to promote and drive their own vision, simultaneously united by a shared set of aims and access to extensive resources from within the UST learning community.

Harmonisation means that the schools within UST work within the same frameworks and systems, to enable effective and efficient collaboration and use of resources.

Our approach recognises the importance of local context alongside our commitment to strength through collaboration.

We steadfastly believe that our approach allows School Committees and their school leaders to focus on the needs of their communities within a supportive framework. They are able to prioritise delivering teaching and learning of the highest quality and maximising the outcomes for their pupils, while the Trust provides the underpinning systems, structures and external networks to support this work.

Through the Trust Partners, our schools have access to the widest possible array of talented and committed bodies who share their goals.

If you want to know more about UST, how we work with our family of schools and those within our external network please get in contact.

The Royal Greenwich Trust School provides transformational educational opportunities for all children. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, a wide range of enriching learning experiences and a tailored approach to supporting the individual student, our students will leave school as young adults who are responsible global citizens who have a clear vision for their futures.

St Paul’s Way Trust is the university school in the heart of east London.  We expect each of our graduates to be fully prepared for the opportunities and the demands of the adult world. By excelling in our six key areas: Communication, Investigation, Networking, Participation, Scholarship and Vision students gain the confidence to become successful global citizens.