Our 4P Approach

The key to our success is our simple but comprehensive strategy. It’s what we refer to as our 4P Approach.

  • Our Pupils
  • Our People
  • Our Partnerships
  • Our Processes

Our Pupils

 Mission  Strategic Priorities
  •  The Trust is guided by overarching educational principles which ensure that all pupils at every stage are provided with broad, creative, and balanced - yet challenging - learning opportunities and experiences. Every school in the Trust is committed to:
    • Ambition - commitment to excellence, so that all stakeholders are continually learning and maintaining high standards;
    • Academic rigour - induction into the powerful knowledge of a wide range of subject disciplines, scholarship and professional practice; using this to think critically within the school and beyond to support flexible and life-long learning opportunities;
    • Character-building - growth and development as individuals in order to contribute to our school community and beyond - locally, professionally, nationally and globally;
    • Equality - enabling everyone to flourish in a way that is tailored to meet individual needs and circumstances;
    • Future-focused thinking - continuous improvement, that focuses on future ambitions and key transition points, is at the heart of our aims, habits, and practices.
  • To deliver transformational education within high quality learning environments so that staff make a real difference for pupils, and every member of our community is empowered with the knowledge and skills required to realise their chosen journeys of success as global citizens.
  • To offer dynamic curricula by sharing expertise and providing highquality resources to ensure a clear progress in knowledge and skills towards agreed end points.
  • To deliver a world-class education utilising our collective wealth of people and physical resources - which include co-curriculum development, enrichment opportunities and structured pastoral support and peer group collaboration.
  • To ensure digital and other technologies are used creatively to improve and widen the experience of our learners.
  • To ensure the safety and physical, emotional and mental well-being of all pupils and the promotion of social mobility.
  • To close performance gaps wherever they manifest.

Our People

 Mission  Strategic Priorities
  • The Trust’s strong and effective leadership and governance ensures our vision is realised and our schools continue to develop and improve systematically, underpinned by sound financial planning.
  • The teaching practice of our schools within the Trust is research informed, in partnership with our university Trust partners, and the collated evidence will influence local, national and international policy. We share our best practice with others, extending our success and influence.
  • The Trust and its schools will develop staff at all levels ensuring future success of the organisation.
  • The Trust's mission is to improve the outcomes for all our pupils, through the recruitment, training and retention of the highest calibre staff, valuing the contributions of all and ensuring the welfare of those who work with us.
  • To ensure robust and effective governance and leadership for a growing Trust, demonstrating strong governance disciplines which provide effective oversight, financially sound strategic planning, ambition and clarity of vision for all.
  • To develop talented practitioners in all areas of the Trust and create a culture of succession planning and excellence.
  • To deliver appropriate and effective professional development in order to improve practice and develop talented practitioners within the organisation.
  • To implement a people strategy which is aligned with the Trust’s aspiration to support the highest quality recruitment, retention, and welfare of the staff across our organisation.

Our Partnerships

 Mission  Strategic Priorities
  • Our pupils, staff and schools, in co-operation with our families and communities, engage fully with our offer, are inspired to meet and plan their futures, and to excel.
  • Schools within the Trust make full use of our unique and synergistic partnerships with university, corporate and voluntary sector partners to create and maintain a continuous learning journey - from nursery to sixth form and beyond - enabling our learners to make informed choices from a wide range of academic and vocational learning paths.
  • We are developing a flexible school-to-school support structure and a platform to develop our staff and leaders at all levels in order to support local schools and MATs.
  • To involve all parents/carers, ensuring they benefit from and contribute to the education of their children and the wider school community. Trust schools will offer support and guidance for parents/carers to engage with their own learning and development.
  • To enrich both the Trust and our communities by engaging and embracing local communities - enabling all stakeholders to benefit from an excellent educational offer, exceptional facilities and to contribute to the work of our schools.
  • To develop our distinctive and impactful relationships with the Trust university partners and make full use of their civic leadership and research for the benefit of all -such as enrichment opportunities and academic learning path choices for students and highest quality continual professional learning opportunities for staff.
  • To implement internal and external growth plans within our family of schools with the purpose of widening the scope of, and improving the provision for our young people, extending training opportunities to our staff, and improving efficiencies for all.
  • The Trust will engage with local education providers both sharing and benefiting from each other’s expertise


Our Processes

 Mission  Strategic Priorities
  • The Trust’s systems, procedures and policies support its vision and those of its schools, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and equality for all.
  • All actions by the Trust will consider the green agenda, be concerned for increased sustainability, and be mindful of the Trust’s wider role within the community.
  • The Trust manages and ensures effective and efficient systems which deliver comprehensive data and drive school improvement.
  • To ensure that as the Trust increases in size, the benefits and financial advantages are optimised through our dynamic finance and procurement strategies.
  • To maintain the security of data within the Trust, through widespread understanding and disciplined compliance with procedures.
  • To build on our excellent facilities in which to learn and work.
  • To ensure we have an evolving IT infrastructure which is fit for purpose and aligned to our operational needs, and with the capacity for future growth and the inclusion of emerging technologies for our pupils, staff and community.
  • To maintain our healthy, safe and secure environments.
  • To audit and assess risk continuously, ensuring all areas within the Trust are supported fully and risks are identified and managed.
  • To develop a dynamic marketing and communications programme that is wide-reaching and effective.
  • To widen the Trust’s contribution, both as an organisation and as individuals, to support the green agenda and an increase in sustainability.