Why work with us?

Welcome to work at UST

Our School of Education

The UST School of Education is an innovative centre of excellence for school improvement.

The School of Education works with each school in the UST community to improve and safeguards standards. We provide Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) opportunities for all staff working in our schools, and where needed we provide bespoke support for individual teachers as well.  We also make our courses and tailored support available to other schools within our network.

Drawing support from our university Trust Partners, our network of sector-leading professionals enables us to co-commission and participate in research to stretch our knowledge of what works and why, and our culture of open collaboration encourages staff to share and learn with other education professionals.

The School has demonstrated a strong track record of raising both student attainment and the quality of teaching by using the latest evidence-based research, providing targeted support and working collaboratively with colleagues.

Our focus is on:

  • Enabling all the schools in UST and those we support to be ‘outstanding’
  • Providing a comprehensive and exemplary suite of CPD courses, including high-quality Initial Teacher Training
  • Sharing excellent practice through teacher-to-teacher and school-to-school support
  • Using the most current research to inform all our courses, bespoke support and half-termly briefings 
  • Instigating and participating in new research and particularly so disadvantaged pupils can excel in State Schools
  • Identifying exceptional leaders, managers, teachers and support staff who can coach and support others
  • Creating and expanding our range of highly impactful university partnerships
  • Accessing nationally recognised qualifications that support staff in all stages of their career development

By developing a culture of growth and excellence, the School of Education adds value to our greatest resource – our staff.  We are proud of our highly skilled teachers, and that so many of those who were once our trainees have gone on to become exceptional teacher and leaders. Come train or work with us.