What Makes Us Different?

A partnership to be proud of

UST operates on the principle that working together makes us better, more efficient and best placed to develop good practice. Founded alongside some of the world’s leading universities, we believe we are ideally placed to thrive in the modern educational world.

Whatever your reason for finding out more about UST, here are just some of the reasons why parents, staff and schools are delighted they joined us.  

A partnership of pioneers

Our Trustees are appointed from the world-leading and internationally renowned universities that helped found UST, and from organisations across a spectrum of other sectors. They are united by an innovative shared vision that seeks to provide staff, pupils and families with an extensive and comprehensive range of experiences and opportunities.

A partnership that challenges the status quo

Our commitment to empowering communities, improving social justice and breaking barriers that inhibit social mobility is enshrined in our daily practice. We focus on reducing the attainment gap for those who are amongst the most disadvantaged in our society.

A partnership of equals

In many trusts you will find a ‘lead school’. Not at UST. We want idea sharing to flow between all of our schools. We know that every school excels in different areas, and we facilitate school improvement by best practice being shared, implemented, observed and perfected amongst us all.